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Choose an EXPERIENCE over a vendor. Work with people who understand you, respect you, speak your language and respond quickly to your needs. Choose an Officiant willing to go the extra mile and provide you with outstanding customer service. A comfortable and positive experience will directly influence your mood on your wedding day. You deserve an amazing, seamless experience leading up to your wedding day, and on the day itself. 

Experience is the KEY to the wedding of your dreams! It could rain on your wedding day, but if your Officiant is calm, has a plan, and you have total confidence in him… you will have confidence that everything is going to work out just fine.

The ceremony is the cake and the reception is the icing.

Your experience is the KEY to the wedding of your dreams! Choosing the right Officiant is essential for having an enjoyable wedding experience because an Officiant sets the tone and can either make or break your ceremony. Your ceremony is the main event on your wedding day. I like to say, "THE CEREMONY IS THE CAKE AND THE RECEPTION IS THE ICING."

Choose your Officiant wisely to ensure you have a breathtaking ceremony. Meet with your Officiant in person, select an Officiant that “gets you,” one you feel comfortable with and that's a good fit for you and your fiancé. 


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- jessica + isaac

I cannot rave enough about how great Pastor Dave is. From our first meeting with him my husband and I both knew he was a great fit. If you want someone who takes the time to get to know you both, and your personalities, then he is your guy. Furthermore, all our guests raved about Pastor Dave and how great our ceremony was. Thank you so much for making the most important part of our wedding day so special!

"All our guests raved about pastor dave."

- jenna + danny

Pastor Dave was wonderful on our wedding day! His voice is so calming and really just makes you listen. He has this way about him that makes you feel so comfortable and at ease. Very kind and relatable.

He made our ceremony absolutely beautiful and just the way we wanted it, traditional, modern and personable. We couldn't have been happier! We will always turn to Pastor Dave as he really is the best! 

"we couldn't have 
been happier." 



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Most officiants in Southern California would enjoy performing a wedding at the this little hideaway above Malibu. and I must admit, I’m no exception. The variety of natural and home grown scenery around Saddlerock Ranch is simply amazing. Throw in a few touches like wild animals, a breathtaking view and a huge national geographic yellow frame that you can climb on and create fantastic moments, what more could you ask for? Because the ceremony was so important to Chevy and Jaime, we spent extra time rehearsing it in order to get it just right. It turned out to be a fantastic ceremony with a gorgeous bride and handsome groom who deeply love each other. Dinner was followed by dancing to traditional Caribbean dance songs, Motown and a bit of old school party tunes thrown in for good measure..

- chevy + jaime

saddlerock ranch weddinG:

a dream wedding in a dreamy locatioN


I offer three weddings packages that include everything you'll need to create your perfect ceremony. Choose from our Ruby package, 0ur Emerald package or our Diamond package.


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